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My brother Troy born March 29, 1970, father to Vanessa (11), Brandon
(17) and
step father to Cameron (16), non-legal wife (Gods wife) Kelley, was
unconscious in Mashpee Village, his family home, Saturday June 4,
2011.  It
took 5 men to get him off their bed and he was resuscitated but
was found to
be totally brain dead, the only machine keeping him in a
vegetative state was
a respirator at Falmouth Hospital’s ICU.

    Almost two weeks ago, Tommy
Minckler kicked Troy in his ribs, reinjuring
a near 6 year old injury (9
broken ribs and lung injuries) and made Troy
cough up blood. Although Troy
and Tommy made up, this was contributing to
Troy’s condition and there was
only a switch keeping Troy warm with a pulse,
beating his heart.  An EEG was
done and there was no activity whatsoever, he
couldn’t react.

opened his right eye and puffed into his eye at the ICU of Falmouth
Within one second Troy's eye vessel below the eyebrow and above
the eyebrow
twitched.  I was told goodbye that way.  He has been sailing and
fishing in
Jesus’s and God’s tears since Saturday and was given the Lord ’s

    Tommy Minckler, do not come to the wake or funeral, you
will be escorted
away immediately and you will be questioned by me and
Brandon, Troy’s son,
my nephew sometime next week along with Yarmouth
Police.  Detective Charles
Peterson was notified earlier today June 10,

    Troy was taking Percocet and Xanax and it made him a
emotionless zombie
who couldn’t feel.  He choked on his own fluids in his
sleep while Kelley
was driving Cameron to work.  Mid Upper Cape Community
Health Center is
responsible for the prescription drugs that Troy took
faithfully and by
instructions. Our family, wanted Troy to stop the Xanax for
his life was
severely lessened due to it.  Although Troy was widely known as
a drinker,
he had not a drop to drink in over a month and his Emphysema was
making him
hack and sputter for 2 hours a day upon wake up.  His cyaitic
nerves, ankle
and rib injuries crippled him, along with the pain
antidepressant/anxiety drugs.

    Unfortunately, Richard Mahler,
up from Florida, Troy and I’s dad has
health care proxy, sole signature,
nobody else.  Troy sold his prescription
pills for years inside 175 Station
Ave, a home owned by (now former)
lifelong friend Richard A. Brown, owner of
D&B Realty, his home at the
corner of Long Pond Road and Station Ave of
South Yarmouth, across from DY
Regional High School. For over a decade,
hobbled, Troy sold his meds to put
food on the table for his unsuspecting
children. When Richard Brown was
asked by me over 5 times in two years to
give Troy and ultimatum, Richard
wouldn’t talk about it and usually hung up
on me. Richard Brown fully knew
as Troy’s confident and “uncle” what Troy was
doing.  As for Richard Mahler,
he wrote Troy off for Troy’s alcoholism and
pot smoking and wouldn’t help
Troy by giving him an ultimatum.  Get off the
drugs and alcohol or get
kicked out of Richard Browns.  Ryan Mahler, Richard
Mahler’s other son, lied
to his dad, Troy’s dad about drug dealing, placing
blame all on Troy so Ryan
would be in Richard Mahler’s good graces.  Ryan
“kicked him when he was
down” (analogy) and never apologized.  Despite
hundreds of attempts to talk
with Ryan in the last two years, he never
bothers to return my calls, even

    Only Kelley Therrien, me,
Vanessa, Brandon and Cameron got him to stop
hurting himself with Xanax and
Percocet last month by ourselves.  The
Barnstable District Court, probation
officer Joe Zavatsky passed Troy with a
urine test, Troy told me it was dirty
with pot last year and Joe passed him
all the while I was pleading with
Jennifer Pease, Troy’s probation officer
to haul him into custody last year. 
All the courts did was dismiss me and
placed me into a mental hospital for
seven months in 2010 for being stern
with them and my mom and stepdad. 
Troy’s addictions made him cover up his
lifestyle, a lifestyle the Department
of Mental Health, Barnstable District
Court and Mid Upper Cape Health Center
allegedly were professional in

    He loved us and he let go
so he wouldn’t feel pain and he don’t now.
Troy will be cremated and his
ashes will be put out at sea, Nantucket Sound,
between Nantucket, Martha’s
Vineyard and Cape Cod within the next few days,
after a memorial service will
be held at Osterville Baptist Church,
Osterville, Massachusetts, an
announcement will be made soon.  Troy was

    For years,
Troy hauled in tons of fish and shellfish, now Jesus upon
Gods instructions
has netted Troy.   Game 3 of the Vancouver Canucks vs. the
Boston Bruins for
the Stanley Cup was awesome for Troy and the Bruins worked
together in
spirit, blowing the competition away 8-1.  Troy led the team
after a head and
neck injury almost paralyzed a Bruin.

    If your car was down, Troy
fixed it.  If you were hungry, Troy not only
cooked you a meal, he cooked up
a smile and happy thoughts.  If you had a
home to paint, Troy kept life’s
tapestry going with the stroke of a brush
and he sanded away the pain.  Troy
was a person who always stuck up for the
down and out, the hurt and
depressed, he was a champion for those who had no
one, he always was and
always will be.  Troy was the catalyst for me, I was
he, he was me, my best
friend for life and always will be, no one, no how
will ever be in the same
league as Troy, but Troy would say, he is
surrounded by loving caring people
who propped him up to live another day.

    Back in March, I met Jamie
& Jodie Audet of Hyannis, MA.  Jodie is my
girlfriend now.  Troy must’ve
worked a bargain with God, for now, I have a
“Pat Benetar and Ronnie (Hobbit)
James Dio” nick named “Dia”, a “Nutmeg,
Cape River Female French Portuguese
Hawk”.  Troy and Jodi met each other for
a few hours, while Troy was doing
okay, all things considered and they are
much alike.  If not for Jamie,
Jodi’s brother and especially Jodi along with
Monica, my friend and landlord
whom resides with me in her home, I wouldn’t
make it right now.  Jodi was the
last person I spoke with Troy about, in our
last conversation over the phone
almost a few days before Troy’s death in
his South Yarmouth home.  I wanted
an apology from him, little did I know he
was spiritually responsible for
introducing Jodi Ann Audet to me.  No
apology is needed, I love you so much
Troy, please come back when you are
ready, I, we need you here

“Easy Thing” by Kiss Peter Criss
I put your picture away
down and cried today...
“Picture” Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow.
Mirror” Kiss Ace Frehley
“Always Near You / Nowhere To Hide” Kiss Gene
“I Can’t Stop The Rain” Kiss Peter Criss
“Goodbye” Kiss Paul
“Got Me World Wide” by William K. Mahler

    Yesterday, June
9, 2011, upon entering Station Avenue south of Route 6,
Mid Cape Cod exit 8,
the rain came down in tears to Long Pond Road & Station
Avenue to Winslow
Grey Road& Forest Road and from the rail road tracks at
Yarmouth Road
& Route 28 to General Patton Drive & Bearse’s Way two
occasions and there was plenty of lightning.  Troy lived by the
corner of
Station Avenue & Long Pond Drive.

    Days ago, I raised
Troy’s right eyelid and gave him my puffy breath and
his nerve twitched under
my thumb perched to his lid and crease to eyebrow..
I cleaned out the wax
upon his right ear and wiped it on my shirt and kissed
him all over his face
except his mouth where a breathing tube was between
his lips. Kelley,
Vanessa, Brandon, Cameron, Jill, Mom, Dave, Mom, Terry,
Peter, Monica, Jill,
Bruce, Tommy, Bob, Jamie, countless other beautiful
people, Jodi & I,
Billy are devastated

W. K. Mahler

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Can't you do this with your psych?