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“(M.F.) My Friend”

W. K. Mahler & Jodi Audet

How am I hurting myself

I’m not as far as I can care

Just timing anywhere J

Tough rough only you

Branding on a new tattoo

Vanny’s cammy is running nice

Spirit rain feeling no pain

Freshly cooked ribs and rice

Alongside on 132

Yellow house spruced

Laid out in the shade

Kissed more than half way

With a nice tall glass of lemonade

Batteries need juice

We were getting loose

Brother choked without a noose

Mother fucker My friend

Popping eyeballs with pressure juice

Toddlers make shift olive branch

Lodi Jodi looking for romance

Mother fucker my friend

Sobbing to no end

Don’t go please stay

My friend mother fucker

My fists have something to say if you come my way.

Mother fucker my friend

Yanking my chain you’re gone right away

Too many warnings and no gain

It started it out lovely I need the same

Sailing smiling loving pride

Lift up your head cocky attitude aside

Mother tuck her into her bed

She needs a nap and Troy is dead

My friends whatever and whenever

Near or far, I’m guided by my voices

And a line to a rolling sunny red star

No more ain’t enough and beginning was yesterday

I gave up hope and feel better today

Somebody said not too long ago

Who do you think you are

Mother fucker my friend luckier than you are

Copyright 1:19 P.M. EST June 15, 2011 W. K. Mahler Music Publishing

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