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Peace NetBud
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Hi NetBuds.

Long stressful week for everybody.  I could tell you might
convictions and thoughts about Siobhan Magnus at the in two days

here in Hyannis with tickets online at under $60 for premium seats and I’ve

got 5th row aisle. I know the Gods are with us, they have to be and they

lean on us for us to lead the way, thus “hell is for children” is too real.

Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo is July 7, 2011 at the same venue.

My beautiful and talented nephew Brandon Mahler, my new co-pilot Terry

Fitzgerald, a 25 year professional “Tommy Lee + Sylvester Stallone + Joe

Perry” drummer and my peace of mind, both of them with me 2nd row, star

aisle left, three seats. Jodi and I are away from each other now but remain

“(M. F.) My Friend” (Rated R) W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP 2011

new lyrics and strong ideas for a new opening 6-7 minute opus (with your

help please) will come about I pray with Terry, Bob Bratton, Shaun

Gonzalves, Rob Kremp, Sheri Lynne, me and a keyboardist, percussionist is

most needed to round us but us buds have nets of ideas.  I’ve got 14 working

songs dated back to 2001 with “Got Me World Wide” (Troy sang to me at age 3)

and “Freedom” (who’s it going to be, Jodi, Siobhan, Pat or (I pray someday)

Ms. Audrey Lee Randall (Mrs. Audrey Kelly), the songs originating lyricist

and guitarist.  I would love to rework “Leonda” into a “Drive All Night”,

“Stairway To Heaven”, “All My Love”, “I Still Love You”, “I Want You”, a

precursor to “Rip It” most likely to be Rob (Ted Nugent under 40) Kremp,

Shaun (George Clooney and Jimi Hendrix), Bob (Joe “Lynyrd Skynyrd” Elliot”,

Sheri (Melissa Etheridge, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Patsy Cline) Lynne and me
(Magic Power) Emmit, Bruce  (Jodi’s dress sways, Bruce Springsteen
for the lonely) Springsteen, Sammy (Eagles Fly) Hagar, Bo (Who’s
Gonna Ride
Your Wild Horses) No, Paul (Forever) Stanley, Don (Boys Of
Summer) Henley,
Steve (Feeling That Way / Anytime) Perry, Peter “I’m Gonna
Love You” Criss,
Roger (Love Ain’t For Keeping)Daltrey, Geddy (Animate) Lee,
Paul (Reaching
Out) Rodgers) & Freddie (Doing Alright) Mercury).  “Any
Day”, Footsteps”,
“Regardless”, “Something About Tomorrow” (Clarence,
saxaphone instead of
harmonica, I got the fever and all she wants to do is
dance with a reason to
believe.), “Teddy’s Song”, “Say”, “Merry Christmas To
You”, “Leonda”, “Rip
It”, “(M. F.) My Friend”, “Musicality Medley”, “Free
(Devils & Dust) dom” &
we “Got Me World Wide”.

I’m not going
to waste your time with the crap America’s Most Wanted had on
t.v. about
hard core drugs, but I do not appreciate the similarities on t.
v. and in
real life on the streets.  Clarence get well, Bruce, your manager,
Landau said in writing there is (as I understand) no similarities
“Freedom” & “Devils & Dust”.  Well, I’m already spreading out,

giving out cd’s with the two songs in one .mp3 back to back, next, a

complete sectioning with vocal notes in between about the truths.  You are

an Eagle Bruce, get rocking, I’m rolling, we oughta try bowling  Bruce

Springsteen & The E Street Band vs. NetBud & Dia.  Who’s Dia” Jodi
Ann Audet
if she accepts and pursues a freely lovingly, persistent and
urgent idea of
mine as a writer, d+v.j., singer, pet volunteer, mom and one
of the
guys/hobbits with a whole awe inspiring french portuguese personality
and a
nutmeg cape river hawk as a 45 Pat Dio appearance, in jeans with her
hair in
a scrungy.  Good people, 420 friendly, no pushing (unless someone is

falling) and that pushing is always full ‘o luv .

Please get well
Clarence, my bro’ Troy (RIP June 4, 2011, is not letting ya quit,
despite calling Bruce “Stringbean Springsteen” LOL. “Human Touch”.


W. K. Mahler
Hyannis, MA.

I tell myself every day, “please remember you are absolutely unique, just
like everyone else”.
W. K. Mahler

W. K. Mahler

Blog, photos, original music & more.

Yahoo Instant Messenger: mahlerscom

"Please remember you are absolutaly unique just like everyone else!"
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Make the call!

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