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8 videos up there, nearly 70 more items coming for days all by me.
29 songs streaming and downloading for now
$10 for all, a-capella, freestyle, live and studio
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"Hey Clarence"
by W. K. Mahler
June 20, 2011
Blue MA plate van
Smugglers Beach
A boss within reach
Evan copilot in hand
Straw yellow cowboy hat
With black strap near the flap
Sunglasses on and hair growing down
A tattoo on the right
Driver looked straight
Evan left to look around
It was long before seven, long before eight
Something about my weed
and this lovely Miss Massachusetts
Jodi in blue jeans, not a Ms. Tweed
California you are happy with me no bets
Clarence, put down the sax and pull up a reed
Flute me skin to skin, no sin to begin
Big Man come on down
Soul to soul, no loss of control
Mahler Bill is getting back on the mound
It sure is already quiet, channel 4BZ on tv
I wanna cause a riot, nothing sleezy
Clemency for the Clemon, water sugar lemon
tea for three, that's the two of us and a baby or two abound
Love ya man, you got a name, along with Troi or Troy and Dia too
Yer coming back a singing and blowin, a show with you around
Troi Clara, Troy Alan, really don't know right now
I got .39 cents may there be a taylor now
So much to say, I wanna play, carry on our town
Love ya man, would've kissed your hand
If I could've if you would've had me around
Keep driving on Wilfin, Springsteens in Fla
Evan, who knows, Brandon my nephew is alive today
Make Cape Cod a better place to stay
Red Headed Wifey Woman, urging to play
Come back Clarence, sometime with rain and or sun rays
Well big Angel Man, what do you say
Can I please relay?
Hey  Hooray

Thinking of Eminem, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, Tommy Lee, Bruce Springsteen,
Evan Springsteen, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Jodi Audet, Joe Elliot, Brandon & Troy Mahler &
Clarence Clemons managing in Heaven

W. K. Mahler

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W. K. Mahler

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If I had this linked up to the biggest set of speakers in the world I still wouldn't be able to hear that.  What the hell is she singing?

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