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I’ve got a extra 2nd row tix to pat benatar, aisle, star aisle seat.

is the EPK I did with jodi earlier, today, not too long before we
parted ways
until she knows in her heart and soul no more mental health meds
that make
her puke too and get a job.  jodi and I are like one.  she is a
whole lotta
hobbit, I'm thinking bilbo's mean cousin who wanted to take
bilbos lifes work
while he was thwarting evil in his honest, humble, agile
ways.v  she also
reminds me of ronnie james dio (rip), pat benatar and
kathern hepburn and
audrey hepburn.  the video we made today also will have
two photos of new
lyrics to a song entitled "lodi jodi", over at soon. 
ccr, bruce springsteen, queen and blues
traveller would sound great mixed
together all nice and fresh with me at
lead vocals, creating the music with
you if you accept, contact me direct
for jodi and I, I am all there is too

I’m adopting a dog soon, a shep/lab mix, named duke, mspca in
tomorrow round 1pm?  meet me there?

I’m a master musician,
non lethal weapons / weapons of mass protection,
writer, photographer,
trainer, caretaker, real estate, landscaper chef with
a potential 8 grammy
nods, $1,000,000 by end of this summer on back
royalties from another ASCAP
artist, paperwork filed soon.  calling ace
frehley to take the lead here and
rock and roll my life away, attorney julie
forest, postcard coming at ya


508-292-0292 advanced
search from jan 1, 1996 to june 24,
w. k. mahler or w. k. mahler, or

W. K.

K. Mahler

W. K. Mahler

Blog, photos, original music & more.

Yahoo Instant Messenger: mahlerscom

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1) Who?
2) Who cares?

Not Plutus but Apollo rules Parnassus

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Why can't
in proper sentences
like everyone

I adopted a dog 4 years ago, but you weren't there. 
Didn't ask
I thought the directions would'
been too
confusing for you

I write music too, but its only me who hear's it


it's all in my head


It ain't about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit: how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!
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Much like my profile picture of Brian May, I like to imagine that Mahler is trying to shift another fresh turd in that profile pic of his.  That might be a metaphor for his songwriting, but I'll leave that open to debate.