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Ok theres loads unoffical remixes out there whats the top ten best tracks, i love this one?

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I only like a couple;

- Stone Cold Crazy (Trent Reznor)
- Tie Your Mother Down (1991 Hollywood remix)
- We Are The Champions (Rick Rubin) though only the choruses.. the piano in the verses don't work
- Breakthru (12'' remix)

... cant remember any more good ones


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kevinhairsineevans wrote: Ok theres loads unoffical remixes out there whats the top ten best tracks, i love this one?

that's not a remix - it's a mashup...and there's loads more of those...the ones marked *** are very good
but by far the best is the queen/beatles Crazy Little Fool On The Hill
also if you like mixes/mashups  - there's a "magic"  one
below....and it's very good

actually i've listed below some of the ones i have:

CJR                          - queen vs van halen vs razorlight    - under pressure of fatbottomed girls girls girls of america ***
aggro                        - ac/dc vs queen                                  - dirty deeds will rock you ***
loo & placido           - althea & donna vs queen                - kids rock
messy james         - annie lennox vs queen                     - no more pressure
dean gray                - green day vs queen                          - novocaine rhapsody ***
mixamotosis           -  fast lady vs queen                           - we will hooray for rock
fidelski                     - gwen stefani vs queen                    - holla back queen
djmix                         - jo lemaire vs queen                         - parfum gaga
dj matt hite               - joan jett vs queen                             - we will rock n roll you ***
snader                      - kanye west vs queen                       - jesus rocks you
mannik                     - kelis vs queen                                   - i want to be tricked
deprince                   - outcast vs queen                               - hey we will rock ya
dj MiF                       - queen vs snoop dog                         - drop it like its radio ga ga ***
aggro1                     - queen vs britney spears                  - we will do somethin
manpower              - queen vs culture club                       - we will manshake
noisehead              - queen vs inxs vs vanilla ice            - bite you tonight  ***
altamira                   - queen vs j-kwon                                - we will rock you tipsy
ppm                         - queen vs kia                                       - all we need is radio khia
dj mxr                      - queen vs new order vs gigolos     - watching magic monday ***
pop razors              - queen vs snap                                   - the power to break free ***                     - queen vs tiga                                     - i want to break in here
aggro1                     - queen vs unknown                          - kickin' your f**king ass
fidelski                     - RATM vs queen                                - killing in the name of rhapsody
immuzikation          - snoop do vs j-kwon vs queen       - we will tip ya
dj tripp                      - weezer vs joan jett vs queen         - we will rock beverly hills ***
philb                         - queen vs various                              - jump mix under pressure ***
                                  - queen vs madonna                         - these are the days of drowned world
                                  - queen vs madonna                         - a ray of magic ***
                                  - queen vs madonna                         - crazy little beautiful stranger ***
                                  - queen vs barney                              - i love you (this really is dross but hysterical)
patamixical scien  - beatles vs queen vs billy squier   - we will stroke you so hard together ***
bdj                             - beatles vs queen                            - paperback breakthru ***
ghp                           - beatles vs queen                             - crazy little fool ***
dj ben cohen          - avril lavigne vs queen                     - fat bottomed girlfirend
dj gumby                 - cars vs queen vs pilot vs olivia newton john vs steve miller vs beatles
                                                                                                   - it's a load of magic  ***

and a mix with queen in it
beat nik                    - rock mix [hifi]

plus some queen-only mixes
djmxr                        - queen megamix
                                  - queen megamix pt I & II
ben liebrandt          - queen megamix
                                  - queen great dance remixes
dj nolan                   - queen under pressure megamix

ps - there are dozens and dozens more...these are just the few i have

i'm sure a hunt around google will turn them up...esp if you enter the mashup artist name...most of them have websites

go deo na hÉireann