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I have a CD of this show. After a few songs, Freddie stops the show to correct some sound problems and talks about how every time they play Chicago it's winter and snowing, and says "We've been here seven times."

I'm trying to figure out how this is possible. At the "most" they could have been there was Queen 2 (if at all), SHA, ANATO, ADATR, NOTW, and Jazz, the show they are performing as he speaks. That's only six. 

If anyone has heard this performance, during Spread Your Wings I quite distinctly hear a voice singing on the chorus which is not Freddie, Brian, or Roger. Is it possible John sang back up on this? After all it was his song. This CD is recorded from the audience so it could be an audience member near the taper, but it really sounds like a different voice on stage. I understand John can be heard on Liar on the Houston DVD but I can't pick out his voice. I've heard him speak, but don't really know what his singing voice sounds like.

Has anyone else who listens to this performance noticed this?

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re: six shows .. it was just an exaggeration to make his point.  On the past three tours it was winter, and there were major snowstorms.

re: SYW.. it sounds like Brian to me.  His backing vocals were a bit off that night.

Read up on the show on my website if you'd like.  This might shed some light:

"Brian May later recalled that at this show their dressing room door was broken and wouldn't close. The freezing outdoor weather filled the room and the band were shivering before they went on stage."

Maybe he had a winter cold ... and the dressing room temperature certainly didn't help !

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