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i was there yesterday in London and heard NOTHING but ambulances going out, we didnt see the rioting of course but we got quite close to where it was, that night (last night) i stayed up all night watching the news channel, the riots were the only thing on the TV, it was horrific.

it was started by a man being shot by the police, was a peaceful protest turned ugly by people joining in when it gets out of control, the death of a man is no longer what their fighting for, its now an excuse for other gangs to join in and set alight cars, buildings, bins and rob buildings and homes and cause as much damage as possible to the society.

then it spreaded through london. THEN Birmingham started the same thing (and i live some what close to there) then Liverpool joined in and NOW Wolvohampton have took to it, and thts a worry because thats REALLY close the where i live, im praying it wont happen here, i know it wont, my town isnt that big, but i know people who would happily gang up and do this. town centres being targeted the most for robery, it brings more doubt to mind of it happening, though there are shops and two banks here, and is well known for it. and has LOADS of pubs, and i mean loads. but i doubt itd happen because it ISĀ  small

anyway, back to london, ive heard rumers about them sending the army in, is this the right thing to do? mom said no because it stops us being a free country or somthing like that, I say its good because THIS is going out of controll

so then, opinions on how to clear this mess up??