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Ok lets all think first before spending money again on Wembley.......A post a while back suggested Budapest will be coming out on DVD and Blueray.....................Mmmmm maybe and why isnt Wembley coming out on blueray, i mean DVD is slowly being replaced by Blueray and Digital copies. Dvd is old school. Queen productions will most prob release the dvd and dvd +cd first, then few months down the line make us all buy the blueray copy.... So all i can say is Wait Wait Wait...........we know what they have done in the past.........Cant wait for the night before at wembley, but they could have just released it with the 2003 version and cd version I will be selling my 2003 versions on ebay and replacing them with the new release, Innuendo remaster 2 cd looks the most interesting to buy in the last set.  And the Deep Cuts volume 3 i dont think i will bother this time, as the tracks on the 2nd release were not the best and doesnt look like Deep Cuts 3 has much input. Has anyone notice the side label on Deepcuts 1 and 2 are different one says Volume the other another mistake all 3 will not look like a pack.   Deep cuts one brought back to life March of the Black Queen(best track on it). Deep Cuts 2(or news of the world) as for the first few tracks are just from that, Dead on time???????? Why Why Why, Queen never used this track on any tours............Let me Entertain You should have replaced this track....So Deep Cuts 3 NOWAY.   Any news on Queen Forever Project anyone?????????????????????????????????

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