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Posted: 02 Sep 11, 17:30 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have to admit, I haven't bought any of the 2011 remasters. Whilst I am grateful that certain demos etc. have seen the light of day, I haven't felt the need to fork out my hard earned cash to actually own these new releases.

When the Wembley DVD was announced I felt that there was just about enough there to make me buy the release once again to gain some more footage. But I didn't rush in to pre-order, I thought I'd wait till maybe the price came down a few weeks/months later.

Now, QOL have announced a super deluxe package which look irresistible.

However, I have casually noticed recently that there are some super deluxe Pink Floyd releases on the horizon that look equally as sexy. And also a super deluxe re-release of U2's Achtung Baby, just as their previous superb re-releases had seemed to dry up.

Whilst I feel it may be an expensive yet envious autumn for Pink Floyd fans (who knows, they may have to resort to looting their local HMV), I can't help feel looking at U2 who are also on Universal. I think it has already been mentioned that the previous U2 re-releases far surpassed what has just been re-released by Queen, but this Wembley super deluxe edition makes me think has Universal got it wrong with the studio album re-releases or are there super deluxe editions to be announced? Just as we've bought/pre-ordered the "normal" editions? Or not, in my case...

Just a thought.

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Posted: 03 Sep 11, 04:02 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Good point - I think you're right, and the next couple of years may see extra deluxe editions of the standard albums (although they tried to sell the first batch as 'deluxe'!). Whilst I'd love to hear and see extra content, I'm equally loathe to see the £180 I spent on the new remasters be a total waste of cash.