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All of Queen's greatness and its immortal work, makes it mandatory the existence of a new Fan community in Portugal that can dignify, pays tribute and discloses all the activity of this magnificent band!
To all of us in this community, Queen are all the members of the band without exeption.

Talking about the past would be a waste of time, lets talk insted about the present, disclosing all the information that can be out there about Queen and its members, and project the future with and anual event, that pays tribute to the "Princes of the Universe".

In The Show Must Go On Portugal, we want every fan to be apart of this project, the place where they can remember and live this great passion. We want that everyone of you can help spread the word. In this community you'lls find "The Workd Hub", a place where you can buy, sell or exchage, Queen material, in wich the community will serve as a plataform.

Like Queen, who had Spike Edney to complement some of the song live, The Show Must Go On Portugal has "One Vision" has its oficial band to complement its future events.
Already with six years of existence, One Vision are considered one of the best tribute band internationally, neven recognised by Dios Salve La Reina as a wonderful band.
Quality and talent together with the passion felt for Queen by the band, are the elements that caracterize One Vision, wich above all, are a band of tribute not imitation.

The paragraphs above, explain all the ideas that serve as base for the creation of The Show Must Go On Portugal, wich will ocupy the space left empry by the inactivity that we current live in the portuguese Queen world.

Our name explains it all, because that's the way we have to think, and we can't let die this wonderful world that is Queen!

Main objectives:

- An anual event to pay tribute to Queen.

- A place where you can buy, sell and/or exchage Queen stuff (The Works Hub).

-Fist hand information and totally in portuguese about the latest on Queen and its members.

-Disclose all of Queen's work