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I'm reading the new Journey bio book  Don't Stop Believin': The Untold Story Of Journey by Neil Daniels.  Great book, by the way, Queen should hire this guy!

PG 168  (Regarding the dismissal of Jeff Scott Soto as lead singer)

   Some fans had predicted Journey would oust JSS, but others thought he added a neat touch to the band, a different angle to their music, as well as an abundance of energy, charisma and verve.  However, his dismissal was not handled well according to some observers.
   One such person was Brian May.  "Well, yeah, Brian was one of the first people I spoke to," says JSS.  "He was at the show in London and I have a very close friendship with Brian, both musically and as a friend.  I look up to him like a big brother basically.  To be able to say Brian May is my big brother in itself is a very exciting idea.  The fact is that he's just such a kind, humble person...  he's just one of those people I just wish I knew more of in this world.  I just feel like I can go to him (and talk about) the way I was feeling when it all went down.  They let me go and people were telling me my face, my image was removed from the website and my things were removed like I never existed, all these different things, (and I) was going through such a horrible phase, and I knew I could call him and he would just speak to me with a very bring-me-back-down-to-earth kind of (attitude).  He knew I was angry.  He knew I was hurt.  He just had a way of helping me through everything.  And within a couple of days he wrote to me and said: "Listen, this is just bothering me and I would love to address it.  Would you have a problem with it?  I said abosutely not...
   May wrote a lengthy piece on his soapbox on June 14, 2007, in whih he sympathised with Soto, and mused on various options available to Journey.  "I know in my heart Jeff would never have walked out on this - he is way too loyal," he wrote.  "It saddens me that he seems to been shed like a used pair of boots... he deserves to be treated with respect."

Apparently, he HAS a lot of class, too.  He wrote the Afterword in this book (penned by the band's biographer)!!!