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Do you remember the first time you had been axpposed to the the strange mixture of character of this man? I remember listening to The Show Must Go On (the first time i was hooked by Queen) and thinking that this man had a real male bravado and at the same time a very unique sensibility.
Then i heard all about his death, Aids and sexuality and since i was 13 at the time it all became very interesting and sometimes overwhelming to me. I was struggling with my own issues as a classic Greek teenager and then i ve been exposed to Queen and especially Mercury's virus. It was like a door was opening.Most preciasly a door  to how a man sould be and act and react to life, joy and even death. Also  i remember having a hard time to combine the macho moustached man of Live At Wembley 86 wich was broadcasted in 1992 in Greek TV with the camp images of the 70s i saw later the same year.
Then came the interviews ,his bisexual ( i thought he was just gay) tendencies, his extreme bravery towards death and his funny campness( not exactly feminity...but it was steching the lines ) in  other cases.
As the years passed by  i found his moustached campness even more intriguing like a mockery to the gender roles and views our cultures construct. Like an inside joke that some people get and some not.
Still today Mercury playes a unique role in how i view male/female gender and gay/bi/straight sexuality.
Was it the same to any of you?