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Today see the close of the public vote. I really only voted for one person Marc Martel... Its says the live final in December the 5th. But i dont think were going to see anything from this show. Anyone on here who audition got any info on whats happening, any tv showings etc. The way Queen things see the light of day..........I dont think even the tour next year will happen.

Queen movie??????????
Queen Forever???????????
Queen Budapest???????????
Roger Taylors Album Box set Tour??????????????????????????????????/

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As one of the finalists (on guitar), I would like to comment on this:

I see a lot of references to this as a "show."  It's not.  It is auditions, where the finalists will be performing for Roger & whoever else he brings in as judges.  However, it is now posted on the QE site that there will be live streaming and reports fom these auditions.  This is very unusual, as you can imagine, having a shot at being part of a tour like this is nerve-wracking enough, without the whole world watching in on you!  We have not been notified of the structure of these auditions; whether there will be a "house band" in place that we will each join in to audition, or if bands made up of contestants will be put together to play.

And I have to disagree, I very much believe that this tour will happen as promised by Roger.  There is definitely the talent there amongst these finalists to put together a very good band, more than capable, and combined with the production & staging that Roger has talked about, will make for a great show to see.