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If Freddie was a lousy drag on I WANT TO BREAK FREE video do you think Queen's carrer in the US would be ok and rising?
I mean think about it.
If Fred woulnt know how to walk like a fox on high heels, felt uncomftarble in stalkings and the all performance was "get me out of here i wanna come back in my manly jeans "the Queen career would be forever blossoming in the states.
The us biggots have no prob see rockers in drag.
But they do have a HUGE problem with seeing them over enjoying it.
The rock testosterone have to kick in at some point and tear all the woman froks apart. But Freddie (what a nasty bichy teaser!!!) and the boys were suspiciously at ease with all of it.

So that it is what killed them.
That and Roger looking prettier than the US hard rockers girlfriend.