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i was sitting thinking about my musical journey tonight and thought,yes i have been a bit lucky.
started way back in the late 70s with the rollers at my local hall,then blackfoot sue.
things took a small lul then and it wasnt till the early 80s that things got better.
queen at edinburgh in 1982 peaked my musical journey at that point.
a few years rolled by and as i live in the country(not near major venues) things were tough,local bands who played well but out of tune lol.
married with two kids rekindled my music loving(i was a local dj for about 10 years before this).
as they grew older music was becoming part of there life,and as such i was on call as dads taxi for transport.
first was jamie who wanted to see various bands so as a dutyfull dad transported him to the venues ,sitting through some crap i can tell well as wrestling.WWE.or whatever its called lol.
first up was something for dad...queen+paul secc 11th october 2008(my 50th birthday day).
then .30 seconds to mars at newcastle.
then t in the park.......blondie,pulp,my chemical,foo fighters.
then time to branch out on my own.....quo at alnwick +10cc,right at the front perfect.
leeds rock festival next for jamie,some minor bands then ,elbow and muse.superb live band.
young elliots turn now,and gues what,those awfull black veil brides,twice.
then again its t in the park 2012,the darkness and snow patrol for jamie(looking forward to the darknes smyself)
inbetween its been local bands ,bon jovi experiance and the best to play local ,,,,from the jam.bruce foxton with the drummer from big country.
so all and all not a bad musical journey.better than some,less than most but its been fun..........and looking forward to 2012/13.if the bvb are not touring lol.
top highlights.queen+/quo front row/and i must say muse at leeds.

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not a bad journey
mone started about '67.
my dad playing beatles strawberry fields/penny lane, and small faces itchycoo park in amongst a collection of irish folk music and some iron butterfly, scott mckenzie, thunderclap newman and hendrix.
from there i went to grammar school in 73 and started to hear more stuff like the who zep, floyd, purple...then in 74 - queen. and onto elo, rainbow, rush etc
in 79 i started going to "proper gigs" and between 79 and 87 i saw these bands - many arguably at their peak.
queen (x5), quo (x3) purple, rainbow, bowie, elton, ufo, scorpions (x2), hawkwind, inxs (x2), lizzy, dire straits, alarm, rainbow, meatloaf, msg, teardrop explodes, ac/dc (x2), whitsnake, blue oyster cult, ozzy, motorhead, slade, julian cope, saw doctors,
plus a whole host of NWOBHM bands including cryer, diamond head, chainsaw, grim reaper, jameson raid, chevy, strontium dog, lethargy, storyteller, dark star
and the late great frank sidebottom

go deo na h√Čireann