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Rejected page features Queen frontman and X-Men antihero

Sci-fi blog io9 has unearthed a comic book page featuring Wolverine and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury drawn by an unknown artist as a submission to Marvel Comics at some point in the Nineties. The page depicts the X-Men antihero prowling through the woods only to stumble upon the Queen singer standing in a confident pose.

The only dialogue on the page has Wolverine uttering "Freddy [sic] Mercury?," because, really, what else would you say if you unexpectedly ran into the Queen singer a few years after his death? Also, obviously, Wolverine must be wondering what Mercury is doing in a comic book to begin with.

The page has been in circulation online for some time. Back in 2010, former Marvel Comics staffer Steve Bunche shared the page on his blog, saying that while the art was not up to snuff for the top superhero comics publisher, he admired the artist's imagination. "Seriously, how the fuck does someone even make the leap in narrative logic from depicting Wolverine stalking through the forest to having him run into Freddie Mercury of Queen for no apparent reason?" Bunche wrote. "That, dear readers, is a sign of true creativity."

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All this stuff in the media that's "QUEEN" related had me going around february.. Considering the 40th anniversary and all...

I hope some sort of US tour is in order. At least 5 dates...hell even with Lambert.
He's not authentic. But they are correct in noting he has considerable range.

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