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I recently went to a usually reputable records seller and bought a box set of records called Queen The Complete Works. This set is supposed to contain 14 LPs, 2 booklets and a map of countries where Queen have charted. There are also supposedly around 10,000 of these sets made back in 1985 and each has a serial number somewhere on the lid. When I opened the box, the records were inside in embossed sleeves but the booklets were missing, also there appears to be no serial number anywhere on the box (and I have looked!) I've tried all the albums and they all work perfectly and none are missing but I am bit concerned about the lack of a serial number. The box itself is pre-loved and has tiny scuffs on it but nothing that would lower the price or constitute as damaged and from the outside it looks genuine.

Do you think it's still fake?

Does anyone else have this set that's missing a serial number or any other items?

What are the explanations?

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It's not fake! There are unnumbered as well as numbered versions of this, and always have been. Don't know why! The first 600 of the numbered ones were signed, and worth quite a bit (£1000, roughly). The rest of the numbered ones (unsigned) are around £100 and the unnumbered around £60-£70. It's not the sort of set that would have been faked IMO.

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