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Posted: 05 Sep 12, 20:05 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Yup, another political thread. The main difference is that this one is just an update on Quebec politics.

Here, in "la belle province," we just elected a PQ (separatist) MINORITY government. Well, last night we did.

Earlier today, soon-to-be former Premier Jean Charest announced his intention to resign as leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

Pauline Marois will soon become the first ever female Premier of Quebec.


Well, the good news is that there WON'T be a referendum any time soon. Within the next year.

Maybe months.

There'll be another election instead!


Any way the wind blows...
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Posted: 06 Sep 12, 11:41 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Was thinking of you that evening imagining you riveted to la télé. :) Say what you want about Charest, the rest of the country owes him for a decade of quiet on the national unity front. And a Canadian provincial election capped off with a political murder (!). Only in Quebec. Brings back the halcyon days of bombs in mailboxes, kidnapped politicians and bodies in car trunks. Speaking of all that, given your interest in political history have you seen and appreciated Trudeau addressing reporters on the martial law like response to the October crisis? It's is, to me, utterly fascinating when compared with today's tightly controlled press events and on message messaging. He literally stands on the steps of Parliament Hill and argues, challenges and defends with all that signature love it or hate it Trudeau charisma. The source of the famous "Just watch me" quote. It starts off hard to see, but the film resolves eventually.

Anyway, as always great to see you interested and engaged. :)

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Posted: 06 Sep 12, 12:47 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Glad to see it's a minority. No matter the party, unfettered power with a majority is dangerous.

Charest may have blundered this year with the tuition hike and accompanying anti-protesting law, but he will still go down in history as a staunch federalist who was a great influence in keeping the country together amidst the 1995 referendum.

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