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1. Was qz08927 really not “a very bright individual”?

2. Why, while vacating the use of his/her brain, did qz08927 decide to open a qzone account and spam the boards with shite?

3. If qz08927 did decide to leave qzone, wouldn’t he/she at least be missed by the other trolls?

4. Who is this friend that was allegedly speaks in qz08927 head? Why is this friend not identified by name? Why has this friend never been proven as real?

5. If qz08927 did drown while trying to type underwater, why were police and rescue crews not notified until the following day? could this be because none of Qzone could be bothered to try and save this idiot

6. If qz08927 disappeared in the water, and was later found drowned, why would qzone say, “The hardest thing is we may never know what really happened to qz08927's brain”

go deo na hÉireann