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If we used the doomsday clock formula regarding John Deacon from his final recoding sessions with Brian and Roger leaving the band with the finish up with MIH through to now, how would one describe John Deacons timeline/minutes to 12 o'clock regarding him joining/rejoining (only the good die young elton) the band turning up for events that Brian and Roger represented as QUEEN over the years (Paul Rogers 46664 the call etc) interviews (robin Williams comment) from 1995 to now.... how close did John ever come to rejoining queen over the years, particularly the late 90s early 00s
Just to throw some discussion material in here... There were rumours he was about to check out the storm troops in silhouettes, what happened during the rock and roll induction ceremony,  was there a time during the "we will rock you show" that he was actually part of the production, dealings in person with Brian and Roger 2010s onward etc....

Just to reiterate.... 12 o'clock representing actual key dates that we know of where John made a public/official announcement/comment regarding Queen or delt with something Queen related with Brian and Roger being on stage etc