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HAPPY PAGE 200!!!!!!
I was never sure whether this might actually happen, but it did. As Thor mentioned I have been in work mode, which is not a bad thing, as I really enjoy it. Thor makes
fun of me all the time because I DO enjoy it. I have a platform to tell lousy jokes, practice new material, and perfect old material. HA!
It’s very flattering that so many of you are talking about
Villiers live with us. Dustin, thanks for the suggestion, and one other person helped as well. When we were doing the tech check, we were both on our computers, and both cell phones were drawing on the WiFi. I thought for a split section that we might have had too much going on, but didn’t do anything about it as I don’t
necessarily trust my non techy thoughts. When we tried
again, thanks to the patience of Ms. V, we had only my phone on, with the app which I managed to figure out.
I have received MANY hits from people that are now following my Instagram that I set up. Flattering again. Now I have to figure out how to post things.
That’ll be the next project.
I enjoyed seeing Thor’s relationship details, and there were some things I didn’t know, even. Though we met in
77, I was off doing my “I wanna be on Broadway” thing,
and missed some of the early stuff. What’s crazy was that I didn’t even notice he left Joe out. Oops!
SM, don’t be a stranger. You have good things to say.
I certainly appreciate you checking in for the live tech check. I had no idea the number of people that did so.
Was my farhead to shiny? LOL
It wall probably be just the video, as Thor and I are kinda
large to be hovering over a cell phone for that long.
Rainbow wanted to her more about the roof top party.
Of course, it was amazing, and exciting, and a lot to look at. We were meeting friends of Freddie’s all weekend, and I don’t remember who exactly we met there.
Why did the subject of Freddie not like flying come up?
I don’t remember. What I DO remember was what an amazing “Air Host” he was the week we spent with home touring the west coast, and I have the photos to show it.
I wish I could give more details about Joe. If Freddie wasn’t around for whatever reason, I would hang in the kitchen with he and Phoebe, and just blab about everything. He was very nice to us, and very generous to us in regards to offering us the best when it came to eating. I have mentioned, when we were there for our last visit, Freddie played master of the mansion, and planned out every dinner for us, which was meticulously
preoared by Joe and Phoebe. We had lobster one night,
which arrived live, and they didn’t warn Freddie about our
dinners demise taking place, and Freddie walked into the kitchen. OH MY. That did NOT sit well with Freddie as he was so sensitive about any living creature. The moment passed, and dinner was superb.
Joe’s accent, were I to remember correctly, had a tinge
of someone who was relocated from a place that has a very STRONG “regionalism”, and knew how to correct
the pronunciation of certain words. I grew up with a very heavy New Jersey accent that I, to this day, try to overcome. When you her the language spoken properly
you’re inclined to follow suit.
Doughnut, what was the deal about that Facebook person not liking your opinion of the film? I’m sure you didn’t say anything that half the people who saw the film thought. Brian, Roger, and even Phoebe worked very hard on the venture, and the Hollywood element just had to be there. Through blogs like this, stories will come out, and items that were not handled the way that some people wanted, will be addressed. She had no reason to go off on you.
Freddie’s skin. I don’t remember their being an issue, though I do remember him complimenting me on my skin
on more than one occasion. (Thank you to my real
mother, who had GREAT skin. It DID seem to be something he thought about.
My relationships, and this is gonna be brief. I had my time with relationships since I come out at 22. I didn’t have the best “instructor” in my first relationship, and it made relationships difficult for me always.
My last relationship ended almost five years ago. I was with a Marine. The relationship was actually helped by the fact that he was away on two deployements (of the 12 or 13 he did) during the relationship. Aphganistan was pretty intense, and he wouldn’t really talk about it.
We went our own ways, and we still are in touch.
I guess I’m looking, but I tend to not admit it or talk about
it. I WILL steal Thor’s description of what he’s looking for, to describe my search.
What did I leave out?
I promise I won’t be a stranger.

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Lee, your story about the lobster made me laugh. I'm thinking of the scene in "Annie Hall" when Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are trying to get a live lobster in the pot, can't do it, and screeching chaos ensues!

I'm picturing poor Freddie being aghast and screaming, "Set it free! Set it free!!" LOL. Though I'm sure in reality he probably was just aghast and then quickly exited, saying something like "I can't watch this but DO IT QUICK!"