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Firstly, there's no need to be unpolite. This is a nice thread, as you name it, and I respect your comments (and enjoy them ocasionally).

There was a little misunderstanding, and I'm the one to blame. When I've said: "[...] which ALSO require time from the group (not only in production but also in promotion)" I meant that they're busy with ALL their recent stuff (spreading the musical, the 46664 project and ALSO the DVDs).

By the way, in my last message I'm NOT saying that they were too busy to promote the DVDs, I'm asking if you really think that they've spent little time in promotion of their recent products (which include the musical, the releases and, well, 46664).

P_G, I'm not angry with you either. I'd love the box sets to be released as much as you. And I love logic too, so don't try to get me into any fallacy. ;-) Have you read Sokal's 'Impostures Intellectuelles'?

Wilki Amieva