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From Tony Vincent I received this newsletter:

there was a time when i thought it would never arrive. that 3rd saturday of november long seemed like a mirage in the distance—something never to be reached. but, like so many hopes that we often suspect won’t actually materialize, the big day finally did arrive—and what a day it turned out to be!

november 15th, 2003, was a day i will dearly remember always. not only did it mark the end of an important and exciting chapter in my life, but it also will represent forever a testimony to how some very special people can truly give lasting encouragement and hope to others— two things with which YOU, my co-workers and fans, have graced me.

my time in london was amazing in every respect. during the past 21 months i have experienced extreme excitement, landmark opportunities, fatigue, sickness, surgery, love, musical challenges, appreciation, encouragement, and many more emotions and events. i’ve been able to work with very talented individuals. i’ve been able to grow in my faith. i’ve been able to share the gifts i’ve been given. and, perhaps most importantly, i have been ministered to by other people and their gifts. “we will rock you” was an adventure i will always regard as the stimulus that revived my love for acting, and which challenged and stretched my musical abilities anew.

in short, the evening of november 15th, 2003—my final london performance in “we will rock you”—will remain with me as something very, very special.

if you are reading this and were one of those who attended that special sold out show, you know how amazing the evening was. you—the audience—were nothing short of brilliant. your energy was felt on stage in a major way—and, i believe, you saw performances that day that were at once electric and never to be duplicated. no boasting intended, but the entire cast was simply on fire with the exceptional uniqueness of these final performances together. i personally felt an extraordinary rush of emotions on stage that night such as i have seldom if ever experienced. that show was about you—the audience—and how we—the company—appreciate you and what you have given us over the past year-and-a-half.

so, for myself, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

another exciting surprise that night was the unexpected invitation from señor luis alvarez (producer-director of the new spanish production of “we will rock you”) to come to madrid, see their show, and then perform “we are the champions” and “bohemian rhapsody” with their company. so, on a break-neck 20-hour jaunt, i flew to madrid on sunday, november, 23rd , accompanied by my mother, who had traveled from new mexico to see my last two shows in london. we both were thrilled to see the spanish version of WWRY, and i was personally blown away at the chance to perform at the world-famous teatro calderón. there have been few times when i have felt so overwhelmed, to the point of speechlessness, by the grace of others. luis, you and your gracious family and associates, your musicians and actors—all were such a blessing to me. i thank you all for the opportunity to perform with you. muchas gracias y hasta la vista.

and so tonight, i write to you from my flat back in new york city, reflecting on the journey WWRY has taken me. i have been encouraged by you and will always remember your kind support throughout my time away from my home. i thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and know that it won’t be long before we meet again in another venue. may god bless you and keep you safe.

finally, in response to some questions that many have sent in:

yes we now have a p.o. box set up in case people want to send items via snail mail. the address is:
tony vincent fan mail
809 w.181st st.
new york, ny 10033

others have also asked about ordering past recordings and other merchandise. our online distributor,, ships all over the world. so, if you’re in germany or japan or wherever, y

Feel free to visit my site -

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*does his best not to make a Tony Vincent + Fan joke here*

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