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reply from Brian to a mail I posted at,
soapbox addy.

Greetz, Freddie

Well Freddie - I'll look into it!!! Thanks for the interest! I don't actually think Roger sold anything really off the back of the “Cyberbarn" incident - and those things are so crap in quality in themselves that I think I still wouldn't bother....

But, yes, I'll take a look at the footage - Jen has the same opinion as yourself!!

take care

cheers brian

On 12/1/04 9:52 am, "Beek, Freddie van ter" wrote:

Hi Brian,

Just a short question really, which you can already guess from the subjectline :-)
I heard that the concert in the Royal Albert hall was proffessionally filmed. It never
got out on video/dvd. Something which lots of people hoped for, afterall it was a great tour!.
Why did it never hit the shops? Commercial reasons? What about an online sell through internet
(like what was done with Roger's Cyberbarn video), selling from 1 point out instead of sending
the tapes/dvd's all around the world makes it cheaper/easier. If Roger and the SAS band can sell video's ,
then why shouldn't you be able to do that? :-) And fans would certainly love it!
Now I can only watch xxth generation copies of 8mm videocamera recordings of concerts like
St. Petersburg and Moscow. It brings back great memories, but a clear pro-shoot of a concert with
good sound would make watching an AW gig a lot more relaxing and enjoyable! :-)

PS I watched the concert of Barcelona 1993 recently (a tape of the tv broadcast) and I was deeply
impressed by the way you did your guitar extravaganza thing in the middle. The way you handled
the sustain of the red lady was simply stunning. Like a beast trying to break free and you controlling
it by pulling the leash :-) For me that "guitar solo" was one of the best you ever did! It certainly
shows that playing a solo can be more than just playing some long sololicks :-)
Too bad that such things can't be played at home, my neighbours would not be pleased I guess :-)

Greetings for a wet Netherlands
Freddie van ter Beek

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Interesting reply,let's cross fingers!

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