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The rock/metal magazine 'Hit Parader' has Justin Hawkins on the cover with a candid interview and poster :D Also in their site there is a competition.

Here is the link:

You may win a guitar signed by the lads.

Also, if any of you in the US want to see The Brits. On April 4th A&E will broadcast the show.

Also, The Darkness will appear on SNL on March 30th I believe. You may want to check NBC's SNL site for further news.

Also it seems...

The Darkness are a joke for VH1.

Strange isn't? The channel that had unleashed The Darkness to the US airwaves have now deemed them as a joke.

Cases in point:

1. This weekend's Top 20 video countdown. The ditrabe spewed by Ms. Rachel Perry about TD facing the same fate as Uk's girl group "Atomic Kitten". The fate of one hit wonders. Now, Ms. Perry. Isn't that a wee bit soon to judge. Also, she reported that TD won 3 Brit awards, but according to Ms. Perry "that doesn't matter here". Oh my.

2. Their entry at number 13 in the Funniest moments in RnR. This special was done about a year ago, but it seemed that they updated it to include The Darkness. Hmmmm, I wonder why. Replacing Wayne's World doing Bo Rhap entry

I propose that we should FLOOD the Top 20 video countdown with requests for the video IBITTCL in order to annoy the big wigs at VH1, and let them know that TD will get the last laugh.

Here is the link :)

For up to date info on The Darkness check here :)

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VH1 sucks, TD rock!!!

Mejor yo me hecho una chela, y chance enchufo una chava, chambeando de chafirete, me sobra chupe y pachanga

Tranzando de arriba a abajo, hay va la chilanga banda , chinchin si me la recuerdan