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Hi-ho Kermit the frog here! Nah... Maybe not... My song is not about rainbows. I hope you all enjoy this set of lyrics that I wrote, They are very dear to me. Enjoy!

More To Me

By: D. Corson

There's more to what you hear than what I've said
So I will find a different way instead
The only way I know to make you see
To tell you what it is you mean to me
I know there's really nothing I can do
I'm not the one that means the world to you
Maybe you'll see it all in time
There's more to me than meets the eye

All the words I've said are true
I've never met another quite like you
This feeling deep inside will grow with time
It's you who are my reason and my rhyme
With everything that I will ever do
There's nothing held as close to me as you
Maybe someday you'll change your mind
And know I'll never leave your side


I think it's wrong to hide it
No way for me to fight it
The place down deep inside
Where the love I have resides
Seems nothing but a dream...

Just to know that you are there
Lightens the cross I have to bear
I'll hold the hope that you share my love
And be my angel from up above
Through all the heartache and all the tears
Know that I will be with you the rest of your years
I'll be whatever you need me to be
There's more to me than what you see

"Elton John and I became really good friends. I don't mean 'good friends' in that sense. I just mean we slept together." -Billy Joel