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Posted: 14 Mar 04, 18:07 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Did anyone else see this on BBC1 tonight. About as historically accurate as Braveheart but twice as good. Kevin McKidd was absoloutely brilliant and next week has Begbie himself as King James.

'So there ah wiz, in battle wi a bunch ay Rangers supporters, gein thum the tannin ay a lifetime by the way. When in walks this hard cunt n' starts sterrin at me, right fuckin at me as if tae say come ahead. Well you ken me, ahm no the kinday king thit goes lookin fur bother but eh, ah wiz the cunt thit the holy roman church behind um n'ay could've the fat end in ays pus any time he fuckin wanted. So ah squares up tae um, casual like. Whit diz the hard cunt dae? SHITES IT! Turns aroond n' fucks oaf back tae Queen Elizabeth. Well eftir that......The throne wiz mine.

King Begbie then lobs a goblet of claret over the balcony and John Knox ends up with his head flapping in the wind.

Seriously it was great and I can't wait for next week.