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Posted: 30 Mar 04, 18:21 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

What happened to me

a cold dark wind blows, yet i cannot feel it
Walking to the beat yet i have no rhythem
what caused this emotional death

was it the problem i missed
that passing commen, or stare

What happened to me

me was happy
me was care free
me was the girl that everybody came to when they needed confidence

what happened to me

I used to wonder what i should wear the next day, or if i should wear those cute pumas

Instead, I now wonder what would happen if i ended it all.

would they care
would it matter
would they carry on as if it didnt matter, and keep on lauging and joking

or would they weep for me, and mourn

Sometimes i'd like to end it all, just to see the impact
Just to see if i really mattered to them, if i was ever even on their minds.

To walk around with no feel, no rhythem, is no life. To walk around with no heart and a cold emtey feeling, is no life.

If this is how life is meant to be lived, then i guess i dont want to live.

Im not feeling this way anymore, but i did.


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I often watch the old videos because of their pants.