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I think that this topic hasn't been discussed within last two months... so...'s one place that has some interesting reviews from non-Queen fans.

(For Queen II)
"1/5 really bad, October 25, 2003
I don't like this album, because here's a lot of noise. It's heavy, and bad. Here's only one good song. It's Seven seas of rhye.
It's a follow-up to the 1st LP, and it's worse. Trust me. You better try the 1st LP."

"I read reviews that say that Black Queen and the rest of this album foretold the genius of Bohemian Rhaphsody and other hits to come. Instead, I think it's better to say that you can still see the traces of the genius of Queen II in Queen's later albums."

(For News of the World)
"1/5 They have lost it., March 23, 2004
By now, the great group Queen has run out of ideas, or consciously decided to cash in their chips - and in the process sacrificed their originality and artistic direction. What a shame.
This is such a weak album, that it's almost impossible to listen to by someone who has been spoiled by Queen's previous works. Songs are totally un-interesting and un-memorable, and the sophistication that Queen has been so highly regarded for is all but gone. It's incomprehensible to me what "We Will Rock You/Champions" is doing on this album. It's totally out of place, and would be more at home on "A Night At The Opera".
From here on, it's one or two good tracks per album.
God Save The Queen." (Ironic that this person should end the review with this sentence)

"As usual, it is Brian's keen rock-n-roll sensibilties and his ace musicianship that saves (!) most of the other songs from absolute boredom. What would Freddie's "Who Needs You" be without Brian's excellent guitar work, and the same goes for Roger's "Fight From The Inside." Listening to this album today only confirms the feeling I had after my first listen: Brian May is the heart and soul of this band. Without him, Queen would have faded just as quickly as Moot the Hoople, Sweet, and The Bay City Rollers."

"My Mediocre Blues
Later on comes a slew of awful awful AWFUL songs: Sheer Heart Attack (this one might be good if covered by The Ramones... it's not Queen), All Dead All Dead (this one gives me headaches), Spread Your Wings (ZzZzZzZ), and Fight From The Inside (Roger's songs remind you of Montrose, but not as good.) Then there's Get Down, Make Love (not bad, but listen to the version on Live Killers), Sleeping On The Sidewalk (blah.), Who Needs You (who needs that song?)."

- A lot of rock purist reviewers in Queen II section... (who claim that Queen declined after Queen II.)

- Also ironic that Queen pages in Amazon often pop up with the Rolling Stone magazine.

- Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, ANATO, ADATR are all 5/5 in rating. All other studio albums made 4.5, except Hot Space which made 3.5. (Underrated in my opinion. I'd give it a 4 but personally it's one of my favourite Queen albums.)

One more thing:

I was reading through the review for "the Game" and stumbled upon this review which gave it 4/5. I was so mad ("how could this person give anything Queen something less than 5????") that I looked for the vote button to tell everyone that this person's review wasn't useful... and couldn't, because it was my own, from a long time ago!!! >:O

Anyone knows where I can find more non-fan reviews, including flames like the one Sir Archie Leach has posted? (It's fun to think about what I will do to them for revenge.)

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