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Well....since Skynyrd did not release their first album until 1973.....and didnt tour big time until after that....Roger seems to have been a little drunk at the time.

And its ok to not like their music...but to generalize and call them "rednecks, nazis, genocide" just as bad as people who call Queen "fags." First, it makes you look like a moron for saying it, secondly, its not true.

Neil Young admired Skynyrd and saw the humor and irony in Sweet Home ALabama....which evidently...some around here do not. They did not embrace will find no Skynyrd song that embraces racism. Quite the contrary.

I could definitely see the Skynyrd boys being afraid of Queen back in the 70's....Freddie (need I say more), Brian with those puffy armed shirts....they were Nancy boys. Doesnt matter...they still rocked...and so did Skynyrd.

And yea....Freebird goes on forever....a lot of pople would say the same thing about Bohemian Rhapsody and many other Queen songs.

They are(were) very different bands....but both great live bands. A shame there are not more of them around today.