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Many of you know me as a Queen fan and a collector, some of you even know me in person. I have always tried to be nice to everyone, to newbies and the more dedicated collectors, as well as fans who simply write me to ask questions regarding some bootlegs.
To my disappointment I have received some very insulting emails from a guy who wanted me to copy him Budapest 16 camera screen version and the 10CDs from Freddie Collection in mp3. I told him I don't have second VCR and I will not copy any official stuff and here is his reply:
" ty jebnuty kokot, ja mozem za to ze si jebnuty a nechapes inych len svoju jebnutu dcerku ktoru za mna pojeb:)?
it mean:

You fucking debil, i can't know why you're fuckin a don't understand other people, only your own daughter, which fuck off to clite for me.

HOW?! can be so debil, shich kiljoy others?
budapest 16 camers=10Euros
TY debilny kokot/you debil cook

The End debile "

He is Peter Rehak from Slovak Republic and his email address is
Do not answer him, he will only cause you trouble and insult you if you don't send him what he wants.