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I just found out that my.. aunt's son's daughter.. whatever that makes her to me.. I'm no good at figuring such things out.. anyway,

She attempted suicide last night by taking a bunch of Tylenol. It seems she got lucky because they pumped her stomach quick enough (though they say some damage might still show up in a few days).

But I wanted to remind everyone that Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is perhaps the worst choice you can make when it comes to something like this. Acetaminophen in high doses causes extreme liver damage which isn't fixable and can leave you in a coma.. that's the best part.. you probably won't die right away anyway, you'll be a vegetable first.

Those of you with children especially.. I recommend getting rid of the stuff completely. Use something else for pain, like ibuprofen. Of course, keep ALL medicines safely locked away from kids, but Acetaminophen particularly.

Kids and depressed people should not have this stuff in their house.

And with 'sleeping pills' being a popular choice for suicide attempts, Tylenol PM is especially dangerous to have around depressed folks.

If any of you really must commit suicide, I recommend helium. Based on my extensive research, it's the best method.

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sorry to hear that
and pills are not the best way. Death won't come quickly. So you just have to wait... you know you are going to die and you have to wait for it

Best ways are gun in your mouth or hair-dryer in the bath. Quick death guaranteed - no pain afterwards

ps! Drowning is also painless. It's bullshit that you feel pressure and pain in your lounges. I nearly drowned once. I felt so warm and sleepy under the sea. I opened my eyes and everything seemed so yellow. You just get very very tired.
And then my brother pulled me out