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gawd, the dog is rolling over in hysterics over those who are complaining about Mr Hung or something or other dressing as Freddie and doing WATC.

If it were not for those who sit in their parent's basements rather that getting out and being a part of or watching sporting events, live concerts, spending time with family and friends, or anything else useful during one's free time, we never would have heard of this dude.

And now, someone's listed a download of his performance on the Q board. Damn, if my dog belched or passed gas in three tones, would there be a debate on what first three notes of a Queen or Q solo song it sounded like? Could I download it and have anyone debate whether it's 'From The Inside', 'Coming Soon' or 'On My Way Up'? I don't know if the dog was as good or bad as Mr. Idol, as I have never seen nor heard Mr Idol.

I think he's also having a sheer heart attack when LG/ Kasha / Katherine / mp2003 and the word 'madness' are in the same sentence. I know we are.

I miss the witty and intelligent posts here and on AMQ and....

oh, yeah, WATC was played over the loudspeakers when Detroit beat the LA Lakers for the NBA title.
Of course it was. Nothing new about that, but it sounded oh sweet. Whilst hundreds are 'homicidically' injured or killed in the Afghanistan South war on terrorism, that was a nice reminder of more innocent times.

btw, the three tones eminating from the canine's behind match the cymbols from 'Liar', if anyone wanted to know.

joe, susan, and the passeous gasseous pooch Freddie+

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