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... Simply simply capital!

I've been away to Australia for 4 weeks and came back just the day before yesterday. It was a 2-week conservation volunteer work and 2-week tour along the eastcoast (mostly Queensland) program. And, I must say, Australians are simply, truly, blessed. I thought that Canadian landscape was quite magnificent. However, compared to Australian ones it's quite monotonous. And the color of that BLUE sea... I wonder if there were any artist to truly have expressed that powerful yet subtle color.

I suppose my itinerary was pretty good, too. I worked at Waratah Park, a wildlife conservation site (yes, I played with wallabies and kangaroos - they are so friendly!), which is 45 min drive from Sydney. At night we went to Manly, a beach town crowded with tourists and bars. Nice nightlife. After two weeks of doing many kinds of construction work (like mixing concrete and woodwork) we flew to Cairns, a tropical northern town. From there we went to places like Cape Tribulation, Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach, Fraser Island and Byron Bay. For the first time in my life I have scuba dived, snorkeled, skydived, seakayaked and white-water rafted. It was simply overwhelming. I was hesitant to take the opportunity to travel because of money, but I am so glad I took the chance.

Australians are really funny, very direct in their language but honest and friendly. I simply love the place. I pray that I would be able to go back in the future or possibly work there.

But anyways, just saying long time no see to everyone... :D and extra greetings to Aussies! (They have more Queen stuff than in Canada, but their CDs are so very expensive!)

Goodbye April lady, It's been good to have you around - Goodbye April lady, You've done a lot for the folks in this town...
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Never return. Australia is a death hole! Just look at all the English backpackers we kill.. I mean die in the 'outback'.

Anyway glad you enjoyed yourself. Should come over to Perth - The Most Isolated Capital in the World!

The kangaroos are vicious pricks though. I guess you played with the gray 'roos. Out on the Nullabor Plain you get monstorous 6' Red 'roos. Ugh.

It's interesting to see celebrities that are out here on vacaction/promoting their movie/single saying 'Yeah, I'd love to live in Australia. It's so beautiful'. Oh well? :)

Oh, thanks for John Davison too :)

...this kettle is boiling over... turd...two tits...John Deacon... chicken!