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That is something Im going to write about Freddie.. and his EMOTIONAL life thru his life .. since Im an Empath.. a Real one.. believe it or not.. Im Sicmot.. go on and read my few last posts.. Ive covered some parts of his life already.. but If U want..if it really needs.. Ill cover his whole life..which will be a MAJOR task since ahundova's book.. so I'll might be in need of some help by you people.. so Im asking any help U can give me directly.. inserts U find interesting by any books.. and of course any associates.. anyone willing to help.. Ill take it...

Im pledging you to give me any points U want to be clarified in his life.. and Ill give U the truth that drove him EMOTIONALLY to choose the lyrics into his songs and socially who really meant what EMOTIONALLY in his life...

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Read "Freddie Mercury:The Definitive Biography" by Leslie-Ann Jones. I bought it on Ebay-it's packed with good info:)

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