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This is so exciting I just had to share. Ever since my brother returned my turntable a few years ago with no needle, dustcover hinges or 45 adapter, I've been wanting to get it back in working order.

Initially I couldn't find the needle for under $20 so I gave up on the idea. Recently I decided to try again, and found a whole brand new cartridge for $9.99 on Ebay. $5.95 shipping (LOL) but still cheaper than the needle alone :-P

Anyway, it arrived today so I'm playing around with my first vinyl to digital transfers. I used a couple songs from "The Game" (my only Queen vinyl) to compare with CD versions to try and adjust the turntable's pitch. Got it as close as I could but not perfect.

I've done side one of my first transfer - a lovely Ronco compilation from 1978 called 'Superstars'. I love old K-Tel and Ronco albums :-P Run time of 28:10 on side one btw :)

Now I'm going to practice some clean-up techniques but I'm finding that I don't even mind the scratches.. I'm just happy to be able to listen to this crap again :)

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Coolio, theres nothing better than the sound of good ol' vynil. I cant remember the last time a bought a CD, im just glad I always had a record player!

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