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Freddie's Loves

Note that the letter below, was taken from the Queen_Fans Mailing Group...

Okay, Janine and I [Sylv] sat through the Merc and his lovers thingy video this morning - and I must say that I think most "Hard-Core" Queen Fans will "RUN SCREAMING" mainly because it says "Freddie is queer, Freddie is a Slapper, Freddie is a complete Prat - Freddie was a Slag who deserved to get AIDS because he had sex with anyone and everyone" - yep, that about sums up the message within the video itself. Oh yea, and All Queen Music, is/was aimed at highlighting the "Gay Movement" - yawn, yawn... Okay, that's the Negative Side to this video - or at least that is what came over to me...
But however, having said all of that - I personally enjoyed the video. There was plenty of "New Film Footage" (home movies) - such as Freddie in a Bubble Bath (being a complete Prat, like the sort of person you would just turn around and punch - like "Grow up and get a life" type attitude). Likewise, there were some "New Sound Tracks/songs (as sang by Freddie)" in there too. "Leader of the Pack" was the song that really jumped out and screamed at me... So I should give you a bit of background history on this song. Many many years way back when, when Bern and I first started going out together, this was a very "Apt" song: "That's why I fell for - the leader of the pack" (yea???). This is a song about a girl who falls for a guy who rides a motor bike and right at the end of the song, the bike crashes. I went out and brought an entire album, just so that I could give Bern this song, and boy we've had a few crashes on motorbikes over the years and this song just brought it home... The song itself is called "Leader Of The Pack" by "The Shangri-Las". Apparently, Freddie was totally into the Motor Bike Scene (so they said), which also ties into the INNUENDOES history - this was something that I hadn't realised. And as Janine said, there are a lot of coincidences for everyone to play with.
From the point of view of proving or disproving the INNUENDOES book - I would say that this video falls on the side of the INN Book. I should explain why, as this will not be obvious reasoning to the majority. Basically, the film seems to underline the fact that Freddie lived in a "Manufactured Fairy Tale Life Style" where nothing is real, nothing like our reality - it is a totally unrealistic life style. Within his life style, Freddie the person (the man behind the mask) appears to have been totally ignored and buried with no way out at all. Any Psychoanalyst would agree that within this type of situation, a person will invent "Scenarios" within their own mind, to escape and to at the very least feel "Real" and this is where the Phoenix and Lily story would come in. Likewise, during the video, they also talked about how Freddie would invent Scenarios (arguments, fights etc) between people, just so that he could feel inspired (???).
Other coincidences that struck home with me personally, was the fact that Freddie liked to see himself as "Mother" - their mother. This also ties in with the Phoenix and Lily Story - keeping in mind the relationship he has with the child - the way in which the child looks to the man for support - and so on.
Peter Freestone came through with a very apt translation for Bohemian Rhapsody (Peter's version that is) - he said that basically this song was probably about Freddie's struggle with being Gay (the 3 sides to Freddie) - 1st his leaving Mary. Then his struggle with the idea of being Gay. Followed by Freddie's inner struggle - the Real Freddie. Now I personally liked this translation, and it still ties into the INN version of Bo Rhap - so a big Thumbs up to Peter... But I do believe that Peter thought long and hard about this, and err, I think he may ha


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What a pile of drivel that review was!

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It's the same old story. What do we Freddie adore for? And from then on it's personal, but this is where the arguments start. We all love his music and some approve his life style. Some don't. Well after all it's THAT man where the music came from. And show me a genius who's not a prat. And show the man who's not a prat (please leave out Ghandi or anyone of the 'higher' cause).
I'm a prat (but unfortunately not a genius)

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Yes, you can quote from M. V. Ahundova's "Real Story of F. Mercury" ..

I do not want any google ads here.

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This is a Fabulous Video and has Resolved a lot of Questions and Answers that have been with me since Freddie's Death
It is exactly How I Imagined it too be
It would have to be one of the BEST Documentry's I have seen on Freddie Mercury
I particularly liked 'I wanna be loved by You' when he was singing in the Bath Tub and all of his Beautiful Friends and Lovers Reflecting on the 'Good Times' apart from one who I didn't fancy too much and that was Bill who Bit Freddie's hand before the Milton Keynes Gig and a guy called Thor!-interesting to say the least
This has made me very Happy seeing all of Freds Friends and I would Truly recommend this Video to Hardcore Queen Fans
Jim Hutton and Peter Freestone stand out as My Favourites..I'm so Glad I got to see this and you will be too! ...Bliss...

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