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Así nació el primer Videoclip : la historia de ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

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Bandas actuales como The Darkness le apuestan a la onda 'retro'

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Oh Let me live

Take another piece
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Spanish. Hmm. Can't translate -- aw, crap.

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June 8 of 2004
Thus the first Videoclip was born: the history of ' Bohemian Rhapsody'

The first band that created videoclip conceptually was Queen, in 1975, and the fruit of that experimental work was for the posterity.

The rock, a sort that as soon as it had lived two decades but that it prevailed in all the lists of the world, was the inspirador so that it was conceived what today he is infaltable for the artists, the musical video.

Nevertheless they were the chances of the destiny, those that lead to the band to make their first promotional video. In 1975, with five years of formed, Queen, after a tour by the United States and Japan, the group finished its contract with the disquero seal Trident and was able that its new one to manager, same of Elton the John, outside John Reid.

Its new house was EMI, that guaranteed an economic infrastructure to them for its aspirations, that they approached the 30 thousand pounds, which was a scandalous number for the time, to record its room album that would be titled ' To night AT the will operate, disc that consecrated to Queen and that is considered, at the moment, like one of the best ones of the history of the sort.

The production of this album was so desorbitante, that the group got to use six studies for the recordings, and sometimes of simultaneous way. One took four months in his complete recording (what also it was considered exaggerated) and altogether required 35 thousand pounds for his creation.

In October of that year, their members, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon, presented/displayed to John Reid, their new representative to him, the simple one that wanted to send first, was titled ' Bohemian Rhapsody', the problem for Reid was that the group requested to him that it promoted a song with a duration of 6'23 ".

Reid said that no transmitter would sound it. They had to publish it, was its only option. But the group did not give the arm to twist and the time of duration of the song did not diminish.

Before the song was sent officially, Mercury passed the simple one to him to a friend of a transmitter, with the condition of still not putting it in the radio. Nevertheless, to the speaker it liked so much that did not hold the temptation and it sounded it during 14 times in two days.

The telephones of the transmitter were supersaturated of listeners having wanted to know where they could obtain the song.

' Bohemian Rhapsody', that has been described like the best composition of symphonic rock until now created, entered his first week in position 47 of the British lists.

It only took four weeks in arriving at the number one, of which one would not lower in nine weeks. The song completed 50 weekly appearances in the lists of the United Kingdom.

With the success of the song raising as it foams, the band wanted to cover all the fields. They would initiate one turns promotional that it would prevent them to appear in the television programs.

For that reason they decided to create films that it accompanied the song. They contracted the cinema director Brushes Gowers, so that the video rolled.

They went to the Esltree studies, to initiate the preparations of the tour and step to roll the film. They used four hours and they spent 4,500 pounds in its production.

The concept handled for the video was amazing. The band appeared touching in the scene surrounded by lights, like in a concert, whereas the part of the opera, was handled with a very vanguardista style.

The screen was divided like a honeycomb, flood of faces, pertaining to the choir; zenithal iluminaciones, that emphasized the voice and disolvencias facing face, giving him a treatment and intentionality to the handling of effects, that had not been made before.

The 20 of November of 1975 the program ' Top of the tops' released in promotional video that longed for to see the critic and the public. "To present/display a film instead of a p

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The following article also comes from the Colombian newspaper, El Tiempo. Which has recently issued an article celbrating the 50 years or rock n' roll...

The greatest artists have always seeked recognition by changing their "simple names", which they were given. Here's the story of Farouk Bulsara

If you think you're a good rock fanatic, you know the story of Farouk Bulsara. You should know that you've heard his songs a thousand times in radio stations, bars, and movies. When you were a kid your teachers warned you that the records of Bulsara and his band were satanic chants that you could hear if you played them backwards. You were thrilled to see him sing 'We Are The Champions' at Wembley in 86' and you cried his death in November 24th 1991.

Farouk Bulsara was of course Freddie Mercury, the unforgettable Queen vocalist.

Although it's possible that his legendary image wouldn't be so recognized by his fans (or perhaps he wouldn't have succeeded in the British Record Industry) if he didn't change his Persian name, with which he was baptized in Zanzibar, the city where he was born.

When Farouk went to a British school in that city, he was soon called Freddie by his classmates. It was just a matter of adopting that name when he went to England in 1964. At that moment he was already Freddie Bulsara.

When he started his commericial career with the bassists Tim Staffel, he told him that Bulsara's name wasn't commercial, and he needed a last name more like a rock star, and Mercury was the answer.

Like Freddie Mercury, there are many (perhaps almost everyone) artists who changed their names for a musical career to become idols, stars, and sex symbols.

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ThomasQuinn wrote:

I'm beginning to severely dislike those people who refuse to show the decency to write in English.

Sí, totalmente de acuerdo :)

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