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... the trials and tribulations...

this is a rather amusing convo I had.

One note "MDC" means asshole-of-the-decade, the-decade-before, and-the-decade-before-that, Mark David Chapman

As told to Melanie

PetTheJudas: i just got back from the harrowing experience that is being part of the Bush campaign
Pining4DeFjords: Oh how did that go?
PetTheJudas: It was all sorts of strange. First, I kept passing by the meeting place without realizing it.
Pining4DeFjords: oh no!
PetTheJudas: Then, I discovered a few pointers:
PetTheJudas: 1) Media is overwhelmingly Kerry.
PetTheJudas: 2) Many of these Kerry people will stand there for ten minutes and tell you exactly why they are Kerry people.
Pining4DeFjords: Well, yeah, media is liberal.
Pining4DeFjords: And wouldn't you do the same, as a Bushite?
PetTheJudas: true, but I'm standing there just asking their opinions on a survey, and they're telling me their life story.
PetTheJudas: (lol, Media is a town in Delco)
Pining4DeFjords: lol- oops!
Pining4DeFjords: Well, apparently "Media" is also liberal!
Pining4DeFjords: Oh, life stories don't need to happen on a routine campaign survey run!
Pining4DeFjords: Did you put up with them with a smile or a growl?
PetTheJudas: A smile. lol
PetTheJudas: There was... one Bush person. lol
PetTheJudas: This Hispanic guy (oh yah, we Hispanics rock...)
Pining4DeFjords: Not the last of the unicorns, eh?
Pining4DeFjords: I'm happy for ya!
PetTheJudas: :-)
PetTheJudas: then I faced a very terrifying experience
Pining4DeFjords: oh??
PetTheJudas: There was this road that went on for a really long time, so I went up to the house. And I knock, knock, no one answers. Then (and to put you in my state of mind, it had wandered over to MDC and his assholeness) and I hear this bird. Well, to me it sounded like a gun cracking!
Pining4DeFjords: Oh no! You poor thing!
Pining4DeFjords: How high did you jump and how fast did you run?
PetTheJudas: About 5 feet and 24 miles an hour! I got the hell out of there, all the while shrieking to myself "HOLY SHIT HE'S AFTER ME!"
Pining4DeFjords: I don't know whether to laugh or cry for ya!
PetTheJudas: when i was safely back on the road, i coined the long roads 'Chapman roads' and refused to go down them. i just put Bush literature in their mailboxes!
Pining4DeFjords: lol- smart move!
Pining4DeFjords: How long did you work?
PetTheJudas: About an hour. Then the guy in charge drove by and said let's call it quits. lol
Pining4DeFjords: Not bad! Did you plan on staying longer? I thought this would be an all-day ordeal.
PetTheJudas: lol, i wasn't sure, but a lot of people didn't answer the door so we gave up
Pining4DeFjords: Hm. Oh well? At least you were out there standing up for what you believe. Kudos for that.
PetTheJudas: thank you :-)
Pining4DeFjords: You deserve it.
PetTheJudas: and i managed to scare the shit out of myself. hehe
Pining4DeFjords: All in all, sounds like a very productive day!
PetTheJudas: :-D very
PetTheJudas: can't wait to do another town next week!
PetTheJudas: and the hilarious thing
PetTheJudas: asking for directions
PetTheJudas: somehow no one in Media knew where the meeting place (Republican headquarters) was
PetTheJudas: people sent me in the wrong direction!
PetTheJudas: i finally found it when i saw some guy w/ a Bush Cheney '04 shirt on!
Pining4DeFjords: agh! how long did it take you to find it?
PetTheJudas: about a half hour! i was listening to Abbey Road, and it was 'Oh Darling' when I got off the trolley and 'Golden Slumbers' when I found it

"Brian May, Freddie will."
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LOL, very interesting. Remember our juicy secrets bargain, though. I have a stockpile after last night.

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