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Part 1:Fire crackers
okay, one day in school, i hope soon, i want to light a firecracker in the main stairwell, while running away screaming 'DONT STOP ME NOW! I'M HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME! I'M HAVING A BALL!'. i wonder what the principal will think. wonder if he is a queen fan? but i highly doubt it.

part 2:my bizzare friend
well, once, i let my friend borrow my purse, and she told me when she got on the bus, people kept asking her,isnt that breanna's purse? and she said yes. and they asked, well, how did you get it? and she told me that she said to them: i grabbed the purse out of her locker before she could see me, and ran down the halls screaming "DON'T STOP ME NOW!".

so you can see where i got the 'dont stop me now' part from part 1.

Freddie you are so awesome!