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Posted: 08 Sep 04, 23:13 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have a 12" picture disc LP called "Tribute to Queen." Does anyone else have it? Is it rare and worth vast amounts of money so I can retire before I reach 40?

Track listing is:

SIDE1: Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Back Chat, CLTCL, Now Im Here, AOBTD.
SIDE2: WATC, Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, Your My Best Fried, Save Me.

Copyright control music MCPS. Picture George Maffei/Media and Graphic Creations. All rights reserved Tabak Marketing London W4. Picture music collections series tab 00036.

The picture disc is illustrated, not a photograph. It is the same illustration on both sides but only one side has writing. All four band members are wearing combo biker/bondage gear - part Mad Max, part Rob Halford's wish come true. Fred has striped red and white trousers, spiked knee pads and a hawk on his shoulder. Being such a nice chap, Brian is presumably giving the victory sign and not the "eff off" sign. In his other hand, Brian has a spiked weapon. Roger is holding a chain. All four band members have codpieces.

Very tasteful.

If I remember correctly, the music is cover versions by one band with a male singer. I don't have a record player so I can't be sure - I haven't listened to this for about 15 years. I also have some memory of the Fan Club telling fans not to buy this as it is "unofficial." Probably released about 1983.

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My man Jamieson has valued it at 99p, so yes you can retire before you reach 40, but you're gonna have to learn to be a lot more frugal.


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It's pretty rare nowadays. End eighties early nineties it was a little easier to pick one up at recordfairs. In those days the price was already pretty high. But what amount of money you approximately get for it nowadays is difficult to tell. This is an unofficial release and has hence no cathalogue-value. Same as with a bootleg. The only thing I know is that about ten years ago they used to ask prices like around 30 euro's approx. Maybe it's gone up, maybe it's gone down. Dunno for I haven't seen it on sale for a very long time...