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Posted: 18 Sep 04, 20:12 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

What tracks sound better live than the release on album?

Admittedly songs were reinterpreted live more than their studio counterpart, (therefore I'm not talking specific like, the version of Crazy Little Thing in Glasgow Oct 1979 was the best ever) , but in general, what songs worked better live than in the studio.

A few selections on mine: -

Now I'm Here
Hammer To Fall
Under Pressure
Tie Your Mother Down.......

.....Mmmm I see a pattern here, Brian May Guitar Bombasts.

And ones that don't work live. I gotta say Brighton Rock, great song up to a point. However once Brian becomes so self indulgant it's just a turn off. Seen him do it four times live with Queen and it just flattened the whole show.

Though I must admit when he was in the middle of said solo in Edinburgh (1982) and the audience were stood still stupified, I raised my camera above the unmoving crowd, Brian spotted it and went from studious guitar player to Axe hero pose. 2 camera flashes later back to studious guitar player. Unfortunately the pics have been lost in the haze.

See you all in Glasgow on the 26th in Rockers Bar, Midland Street (next to the Arches,) Glasgow for the Queen Night and playback of A Night At The Opera 5.1 DTS DVD, which will be played through a huge sound rig. Tickets £2 in advance.

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Posted: 28 Sep 04, 03:31 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I haven't heard one yet. Generally I dislike live music though.

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> Generally I dislike live music though

How come?

For me, live music is exactly the way music SHOULD be presented - a one-off experience of a song (s) as the performer sees it at that point in time. It's why I became such a devoted Who fan back in the day..........

The studio (for me) gives the music limits. once it's recorded, released and sitting on your shelf, there's absolutely no way to change it and / or make it grow and blossom. The live presentation of something like TYMD breathes life into it.

Take the studio version of The Who's Tommy and compare it to a live reading of it - completely different every time it was played.

Just my take on it.......