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"By the way, I have to HAND it to Max Cleland, whose favorite novel
is "A FAREWELL TO ARMS", (or "FAREWELL, TWO ARMS!"), that he tried to
give the Kerry campaign a LEG up on the Bush campaign, but I think
that, if it goes to court, he WON'T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON, and his
attorney will cost AN ARM AND A LEG, even if Max had been in the
ARM-y. People told him the memos were REAL, but they were JUST PULLING
HIS LEG, even if they were ch-ARM-ing, so he went out on a LIMB, and
FINGERED Burkett. I know that he thought the memos were AS FUNNY AS A
ONE-LEGGED MAN TRYING TO KICK DOWN A DOOR, but no matter how much he
refused to TOE the line. BTW, I heard the Max Cleland is a LEG MAN.
Bang, bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down, on his LEGS! Cleland
supports Kerry because Kerry is holding his prosthetic legs hostage
(ala "the Sopranos").
Max is hanging out with Peter Falk, Sandy Duncan, Sammy Davis, and
Leo McKern, because he has twice as many eyes as they do, and hangs
out with Heather Mills (McCartney), because he and she together have a
full complement of limbs. He and Heather like to play FOOTSIES. They
went on a date, but Max had to FOOT the bill. He wants to be an actor,
and should have had the role of LEGOLAS (think about it!) in Lord of
the Rings. He plays tennis, and has a wicked FOREHAND. He also loves
to play with legos, and cries, "my LEG - Oh!!!!""

^ This is just wrong.

Got to appreciate the Maxwell's Silver Hammer reference, though. Thought I was the only one who knew the song.

It's off of some google groups post by someone by the name of... me_so_horneeeee... Not entirely sure why they needed five e's to get the message across...

"Brian May, Freddie will."