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Hi folks

After speaking to one of the admins we agreed to slow down the new releases slightly, making more room for reseeds.

There still will be new shows about, but not as many,

It will hopefully give people on slower connections time to get the shows, but also give people on fast connections time to give back as much as they take(you leechers know who you are).

so I am looking for volunteers to reseed shows.

Heres what to do:

1. Make a .torrent file. Email it to me (address below) and you start to run it

2. I will upload it, and email you to let you know I have, then i will post an announce with the .torrent file.

3. Seed it to others.

Or seed it on (Please give credit to the original seeder in your post) and post a message here linking the page

Simply eh?

It will save on the constant posts of people asking for reseeds.

I will start it off in a few days with Knebworth 86 fixed version.(proper first Track)

I will keep you updated with the progress and lack/deluge of emails.

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