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Hello QZ people. It's me again. I haven't commented on this site for AGES and now i've done so umpteen times in a few days - for what that's worth. Anyway... can I have clarification please? And I have some thoughts for you...

ONE. Barbara YV... the beloved QZ person whom you've all rushed so tenderly to support, console, generally cheer up and smother with gratuitously flattering and lovely – not to mention moving - comments of support, during this recent tumultuous period; could someone tell me her surname please - if this doesn't contravene the all important anonymity thing?

I would like to know because I apparently spoke to her in Vlaardingen last weekend, but I can’t remember it. I can only recall one Barbara, that being the one of the infamous Byng variety. Is it THAT Barbara we’re talking about? I somehow think it isn’t.

On a serious note, and regarding YV (whoever that is), Barbara... I picked you out at random the other evening in order to have a pop at what I guessed might be a ‘typical’ QZ-er, and attempt to get a few backs up in precisely the same way as numerous QZ-ers try to get my back up. It was nothing personal – as I had not the remotest clue who you were. And boy, did I get some backs up. Many people jumped all over it with genuine support for you (you popular lady, you) while others took the opportunity to build bridges and generally sicken me (and others) with some inexcusable tongue activity of the anal kind... Mr Stuart you ought to be ashamed. I was genuinely puke-induced, and to my astonishment some of his closet cohorts and chums lapped it all up. It was the lickers leading the licked!

My genuine and honest reaction to all that followed my ‘attack’ (as some of you called it), and I still think this, is that a lot of you QZ-ers can dish it out easily and readily enough, but you HATE it coming back at you. My random pop at YV proved absolutely how hypocritical some of you are. It also proved you have no sense of humour and that you can’t see an 18 carat wind-up when it smacks you in the teeth.

What did we talk about in Holland, Barbara? Did you think I was a complete tosser, then? Did you get the impression that I thought you were one? I ask because I seriously have no recollection (until you prompt my poor memory) Are you having a bit of a ‘moment’ with me because I said your comments were inane? If that’s the case, remember I was on a wind-up. I hope you have a more evolved sense of humour than some of the weardies on this site – that wouldn’t be hard. Go on, have a little laugh with me now about it. Don’t be taking it all too heart. I am a kindly chap meaning no offence.

TWO. What’s the BACK CHAT issue which I couldn’t be bothered to reply to... apparently??? I can’t face sitting here reading ALL of that stuff, but cut to the point and I’ll do my best.

THREE. I read on this site the exact same points OVER and OVER and OVER again, even though someone has offered conclusive evidence for the definitive answer. Yet still the same question comes again. I see also that this aggravates many of you – and I sympathise.

Is this the real GREG BROOKS? God almighty! 15 times at least. Even though it was concluded that it WAS, and there was even proof offered. You guys do not even believe what you say and tell each other, so what chance has an outsider got?

Do you guys get annoyed when people ask the same questions, long after the answer has come and gone??? I can relate to this. It is unbelievably boring and tedious, right?

FOUR. I think arse licking, grovelling, sycophantic “love me please, I’m nice once you get to know me” bridge-builders, should be slowly but very surely OUTED from your site. Does anyone else find such people skin-crawlingly unpleasant, and agree with me?

FIVE. Do my comments about your dear chum YV mean that some of you won’t talk to me any more, will call me bad names, want to see my broken like a biscuit, or ask me questions about what John

Greg Brooks (Queen Archivist)
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Oh DARN.. I thought you were serious.. Oh well.. Maybe I will be lucky next time ;-)

BTW Greg, I doubt you know me, I am MEGAMIKE.. the one and only.. and it would be smart if you were to bow before me now rather than after I defeat these puny humans... ;-)

My Brothers and Sisters all hated me 'cause I was an only child...

-Weird Al (Generic Blues)

I gave up on books when 'To Kill A Mockingbird' gave me no useful advice on how to kill a mockingbird.
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This is identical to the post you put up in the Queen section. See our replies there!

Shake it Sugaree
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The Fonz
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GB wrote:

SIX. I’ve been listening to some fab Queen rarities today, and jolly interesting and exciting they were too!! Oh yes! Splendid and generally awesome, they were. I’m going back to listen to them now, while a good few of you lot no doubt sit and write your little notes about this thread – unless you sulk now and deliberately don’t write anything, in protest.

I’ll monitor the odd thing on this site, when I get a chance.



Right. How very grown up of you. No wonder people think you're a prat.

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I don't think they are.