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Dear Greg

I'm a regular reader/infrequent poster to this site. I've been a Queen fan since the age of six, and now, while still only 32, my tastes have diversified beyond recognition, though I still have a soft spot for Their Majesties.

I know you're a busy man. I'm sure you've been hands-on with the excellent Milton Keynes DVD and CD. (And by the way, I had a copy of it on VHS from its original broadcast on the Tube (I think?) but I gotta know - just how DID you get rid of the duff vocal note on Fat Bottomed Girls??). I'm sure you've been busy with the Freddie box set all that time ago. I'm sure you've been very busy with a myriad other things, like the downloadable bootlegs on QOL.

But Greg, it's nearly Christmas. Again. And another Christmas is going to pass without the "definitive" box set type stuff that's been rumoured for a very long time. A VERY LONG time.

I'm not going to complain. I leave that to other whingers on this site, of which it must be said there are many. But here, can we please please please please have some idea of what these boxsets might entail, and when they might be available.

I have a couple of reasons for this. (1) I can't wait to get my mitts on them. (2) I'm not getting any younger, though I still do listen to Radio 1. (3) While Queen's popularity is immense at the moment, it can't last forever. And for this to be a commercially viable enterprise, and ergo, worth doing, you need to get your skates on.

Truly, I am really keen to see the fruits of your labour, but doubtless if you read this when in bad form, I may only feel the vitriol and scathe of your reply.

But purty purty please - put some of us out of our misery and let us know, what we in Northern Ireland call, the craic!


"Just tryin' to have a little fun, folks..."