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HARMALUDE: Harmonica, interlude, war on drugs, harm, harm a lude, lude, qualude. Thanks U. S. Air Force for the accompanyment of those F16 fighter jets overhead.

Harmalude hails back to my days of listening to Queen and their song "Procession" from "II".

The 2:44 instrumental recorded live at the Hyannis Town Green, Hyannis, MA. USA. From the new release "Rough Drafts Live On Stage" including "Footsteps", "Excuse Me", "Any Day", 'Birds Of Ages", "Something 'Bout Tomorrow", "We're All Gonna Get Paid", "No Highway", "New York", "Say" & "Rant And Ramble"

Why pay 99 cents per single when you can own an entire cd for $5.00 and share and share alike. The sum includes shipping and handling via Paypal. Paypal now accepts credit and debit credit cards from members and non members.
Available exlusively at,,,, and


July 2004

Recorded along side Breakwater Shores Drive, Hyannis, MA.

I finally found myself a home

Oh there's nobody inside

I got no money in my pocket

But i got a honest sense of respect and pride

Oh, might've got dirtier along the way

Intentional or mistake what can i say

What can i say

Oh finger across the lips

Yeah hand to your side near your hip

Pointing along your own chosen path

Looking for another reason to find a reason to laugh

Pointing which way should you and i go

Another garage turned into a home

Might be tomorrow might be today

This song is slowing momentarily anyway

Looking out by this old street light

Might be prayin' for something better than Gods might

I hear your footsteps

I hear your footsteps

I hear your footsteps

I'm gonna follow your footsteps

Might just stop here at the corner for awhile

Yes you did, I think you did yes it was just for awhile

Another car coming zoomin right on by

Nobody looking out lookin' in the eye

Another night looking back about tomorrow and today

Moments of happiness end up arguments right away

About how it is between you and I

How to talk to me when your not looking me in the eye

About these serious mistakes we make

How about just stopping and living for goodness sake

I'm gonna follow your footsteps

Gonna make my own footsteps

I'm gonna follow your footsteps

I'm gonna follow your footsteps

W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP Copyright 2004.

...happy holidays.