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Well. I took a little trawl through a lot of the old posts, and I think it's time to resurrect the above topic again. And I think that other posters should do the same. Cos I'm fed up waiting for yet another Christmas to pass with no sign of the oft-promised rarities and other goodies that Greg Brooks is paid money to resurrect.

Let me just put it simply, and then cut-and-paste from another post in the hope that it will get some answers.

At the time of Freddie's death, Rog was quoted as saying something along the lines of "if we didn't release it at the time, it wasn't worth releasing, and there isn't much in those dusty old boxes anyway."

So Greg. Much as I think the bootleg idea on QOL is excellent, and much as I think that the post of an archivist for a band with such an illustrious career is an excellent idea, I'm beginning to wonder just WHAT this particular archivist is doing on a day-to-day basis.

I understand it probably isn't a full time job, and you probably have other work to be getting on with to ensure you make a living.

But Greg, we are waiting and we are restless. Queen is at a post-Freddie high at the moment. Constantly in the public eye, keeping the music alive, being there for the fans in what ever form they can manage as a two-some.

So let's get this (whatever it may be) material out there. And for the benefit of a previous poster, who asked the following unanswered questions, here they are again.....

1 - How far advanced is the work on "The Anthology"?
2 - Having openly played some of the archive's gems at fan club conventions, why is there still so much "cloak-and-dagger" speculation regarding exactly what you have been able to uncover?
3 - Have there ever been discussions as to the creation of a site that will give collectors on-going updates ont he work-in-progress, a-la Pioneer's website detailing the restoration of The Who's The Kids Are Alright film?
4 - Will "The Anthology" be compiled only from material that exists soley within the Queen archive?
5 - Have the stolen master-tapes been returned - ie the ones that Brian openly requested to be returned and others that are known to have "gone missing"?
6 - How have private collectors been brought into the project in terms of QPL "buying back" tapes?
7 - How extensive is Brian's archive of Smile recordings - both studio and live?

I'm sure there are others. If you don't want to be drawn on detail, just answer this: When are we getting some recorded goodies in a box set format? Cheers.

"Just tryin' to have a little fun, folks..."