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Since the 46664 World Wide Concert Broadcast was effectivly blacked out of Southeastern Massachusetts by the regions biggest television broadcast provider, Comcast, despite the written words that the big giants CNN, MSNBC & CNBC were to carry the live event full, I've been reasoning with the reality of their actions and I've come to the conclusion I bring to you.

How easy or hard it is to take one stream such as the Tiscali powered 46664 free internet broadcast that reached into "3rd world countries" where Americans would get shot on site as stated by those inside and reached the rest of the world? Take that stream and reach through every available free streaming Shoutcast Radio & TV broadcaster?

If a person in the Ukraine were to seek to carry the connection and broadcast I provide out of this Cable connection, how through Winamp and Shoutcast could that person provide? "Seeding" the signal.

Microsoft is working to deliver a free for awhile Anti Spyware, announced today via
and although I know you may or may not have your qualms with Microsoft, one this is for sure, it will be free for only a certain period of time and available within the next 30 days.

The United States Of America is beautiful warts and all as well as ugly with attractivity also. The 46664 concert was to be delivered free of charge every where within the United States and it wasn't, thus I am sad to report that.

http://www.gillettestadium located in Foxboro Massachusetts, New England USA is the best equiped and suited as it is the newest in the entire region of the North East. Robert Kraft the owner and I had a talk by chance of fate two seasons ago about the NFL New England Patriots the night after the Boston Red Sox lost game 7 of the American Leaugue Championship. He walked away knowing the 12 reasons why the Red Sox lost and thus, began with his team, the remaining 12 victories needed to head into the Superbowl 2003. This meeting took place at a coffee shop for as it were, he was riding his vintage motorcycle, a break away from the suit and tie and primed for t. v. kinda moment.

AIDS/HIV is but the corner stone of incoming developments and to find that effective wipe out of the disease via medicines is what 46664 was and is all about. A man paralyzed from the neck down was able to move objects on a computer screen with his brain, reported as the first of its kind over a year ago in the United States yet only 2 months ago, someone else was claiming the same exact progress. AIDS / HIV, no cure to date.

World Media Host Org.
StreamABill Media Networks
Mahler Of New England

W. K. Mahler

Happy Holidays. and or .org and or .net

PS "Action This Day" from "Live At The Bowl" and "Business" from "Another World" were playing in shuffle mode, back to back out of 500+ songs and now just as this page loaded here, "Why Don't We Try Again".


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you really are a Walter-Mitty-fantasist aren't you

go deo na h√Čireann